CoDrone Light Connects But Won't Fly

  • Hey there! I am new to all of this so hopefully, this will make sense.

    • Connect BLE and Codrone using Chrome Extension

    • About half the time I get dialog box "Please check if you CoDrone is powered on, that the board is properly set, and the BLE board is blinking red.

    • I finally get it to connect, BLE has a greenlight.

    • I launch script

    • I can get a return on the battery percentage. But Drone just sits there.

    • Light on BLE flashes purple, blue and green ( I think )

    If I close out of chrome, and reconnect the CoDrone it does the same thing.

    Any ideas?

  • administrators

    As wes mentioned setting the throttle low (below 50) will not make the CoDrone takeoff. Let me know if that makes the CoDrone takeoff.

  • Hi @Dale_thomas! Welcome to the community. We just spoke on the phone, but let me respond to this as well for folks in the community. The issue connecting that you're seeing is something we've started seeing since we've started pushing the Chrome app more. Seems like connection varies depending on hardware, so we're looking at how we can make sure the algorithm checks for all ports and connections. So we're working on resolving that issue.

    I've re-published the native app lessons on Basecamp (here's Mac, and here's Windows), as a backup as we continue troubleshooting the connection issues we're seeing.

    For the code you've published, if the battery percentage you're getting is not 0 (preferably above 30), the drone should be able to fly. 100 is obviously best. Looks like the error might be with your code. In order for it to take off, you'll need to set the throttle to above 50. Either that, or you can use a "flight event TAKE_OFF" block. So without the drone taking off, the rest of the block isn't able to actually execute flight commands, so the drone ends up staying there.

    So try setting that first "throttle" to something like 75, and see if that helps. If that doesn't work, let us know, and we can try to troubleshoot further.

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