Newbie, how to control CoDrone after both controller and drone are turned on.

  • Band new to this. I inherited my CoDrone from a friend. The drone turns on when I put in the battery and the controller starts up when I turn it on but is there a way to sync or connect the drone to the controller. Nothing happens other than a high pitch whining sound when both are powered up but I don't have control of the drone. If there is an instruction PDF, please point me to it?


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    hello @gbarr Check this video out.

  • Thanks. Got it going. It looks like the only way to turn it off while using the remote is to cover the front infrared sensor. I'm using the flight_Controller default example program.

  • Hi there @gbarr! The CoDrone is a little different from other drones in that it's a learning tool to be used in classrooms, so we intentionally made it have a bit of a learning curve before you can just fly it around freely.

    Here are our tutorials on how to program the CoDrone.

    If you're interested in flying it with full control as a remote, you can take a look at this lesson for how to upload the default program.

    Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

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