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    I'm attempting to pair my RoboLink CoDrone Pro with the included remote. However, I cannot figure out why the pair is not working.

    1. I upload code from Arduino (taken from the CoDrone website) to the remote.
    2. The upload is successful.
    3. I turn on the drone to begin pairing, but it keeps flashing green and never switches to solid green. Further, there is only one blue light flashing on the remote controller instead of the two displayed on the website and in the YouTube tutorial.

    I'm not sure if something is malfunctioned with the remote, but I was hoping you could assist!


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    Hello Once the remote has received a program, you must make the board go into "run mode" which is putting all DIP switches down. Once you have done that reset power to the remote (make sure everything is rest BLE module and Smart Inventor board). Once you reset it the remote, it should go into pairing mode (if you the program you made contains the functions CoDrone.begin(115200); and
    CoDrone.AutoConnect(NearbyDrone); ). Pairing mode is indicated by the Blue LED's strobing inward. Check out this video

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