demo videos

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if you have or anyone else have videos of their drones?
    It would be fun to see what people do with their drones and how they solved tricky bits.

    Looking forward to videos...

  • Hey there @magnus! Here's our YouTube channel. We showcase some of the R&D we're doing on the YouTube channel, such as the updated library, the computer vision we're still developing, etc.

    We also have our weekly webinars on our Facebook page here hosted by the awesome Dir. of Education, @robolink_kristen, where we talk about many of the issues that come up, and how to troubleshoot them, or about the interesting things we've been working on.

    We're definitely open to community contributed videos too! If you'd like to also submit your own content or projects, our Basecamp page allows for users to post their own projects, too!

    Hopefully that's helpful!

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