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    Question from customer: Do you have CoDrone driver for Raspberry Pi? We want to use Raspberry Pi as the main platform to program the CoDrone.

  • I have been coding my codrone with a raspberry pi 4 the past few days. something you have to do is look in your /dev folder:

    ls /dev/tty*

    it shoudl spit out a list of anything starting with "tty" and find the ttyUSB0 (in my case mine change on day 2 to ttyUSB1)
    and also know what your codrone number is ad use this to connect to your codrone this is what I use:

    // In Python
    // Connection code to a specific CODRONE on Raspberry Pi
    // where the number "8697" is the number to your CODRONE
    // and the /dev/ttyUSB1 is the serial link used (not sure why they 
    // just didn't use the normal bluetooth
    if not drone.connect("8697", "/dev/ttyUSB1"):
        print("Failed to connect")

    hope that helps.
    As an aside: when coding python sometimes it will take 2-5 executions of the code before it finally connects. No clue why (either times out or says 0% battery, even with a fresh battery). it easily takes 20s for the connection to get established before the lights go solid green and liftoff.

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    @deepakrao It is still not something we support, sorry about that!

  • Hi there, any news on driver for Raspberry Pi? Have you managed to get it in your roadmap? Thanks!

  • Hi My son and myself doing project using Raspberry Pi. we installed CoDrone module, but stuck in the pairing issue. Raspberry Pi can't pair to the Drone due the CP210x USB to UART Bridge issue. Is this possible to fix this issue or other way to pair CoDrone.

  • @hansol Thanks for taking interest. We don't currently have a driver for Raspberry Pi, so that's not something we support, unfortunately. If there's enough demand for it, we may put it on our roadmap.

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