Port is now grayed out in Arduino 1.8.3 so can't upload today.

  • I have a CoDrone and have been successfully uploading code. This morning, the Com3 port can't be found in Arduino and the port is now grayed out.

    Version 1.8.3 with Windows 7 64 bit. Was working perfectly yesterday. Any ideas?

    Thanks for anyone's assistance. Dip 1 is up and all lights on the controller are as expected. Blinking blue on dip switch card and red blinking on bluetooth card. I think that's right.

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    Hi @gbarr ! some micro usb cables do not have the data lines but only have the two power wires. These such cables are usually for charging. What you need for CoDrone is a cable that has all lines, such as this!

    alt text

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Problem Solved. Don't know what happened but my cable went bad. Replaced with a new cable and the Ports was no longer grayed out and Com3 was active.

    Can I cause a cable to go bad by the way I'm connecting. Either way, I'll make sure I take care to plug in cable to remote first and then to computer so can't short out cable, if that's even possible

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