UPDATE: Chrome Snap app connection issues improved, firmware update, and Arduino pairing update

  • Hey everyone! The team here has been taking the feedback we've been getting very seriously. I've got some important updates for everyone.

    Chrome Snap application (v 1.1.4)
    I've linked the lesson above. If you want update to the latest version, on Chromebooks, it will update automatically by default. For Windows and macOS, you'll need to uninstall the previous version and re-install from the URL above.


    • The app will now attempt to re-connect with the drone when it disconnects, so it should keep the connection more stable. You'll get a pop-up window that shows that it's re-attempting to reconnect.
    • The firmware update seemed to have run into issues sometimes, so that's been fixed. You'll now be able to update to the latest firmware.

    CoDrone Firmware
    Hit the "Pair with CoDrone" button when you first start up the Chrome app to update your CoDrone firmware.


    • CoDrone firmware (the firmware on the actual drone) 50.18 will be coming out in the next few days. It will have a zeroing-out feature that we found was an issue previously where you'd run code, and then when you hit a killswitch, some of the variables of the previous code would still be set to a value rather than zeroed out. So each time you run code, it'll be zero again every time.

    Arduino CoDrone Library

    • Version 1.5.5 is released, which you can switch to in the Library Manger in Arduino. We have a new function called CoDrone.pair() which will make connection issues much more reliable. The documentation for how to use that is linked here. The main change is, it will pair a drone to a remote, and then "lock in" to that drone, so that every time the remote and drone are turned on, it will only try to pair with that given drone. The specifics of how to use it are on the docs page.

    Hopefully these changes will be helpful for much of the issues we've been hearing. We'll be working on updating the tutorials to reflect these changes. Thanks so much for being attentive and responsive with feedback! Let us know if you've got more feedback.

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