UPDATE: New CoDrone library documentation

  • In case you haven't taken a look already, we've launched a new CoDrone library with documentation located at our CoDrone documentation site. If you update to version 1.5.5 on Arduino, you can use these new functions.

    For python, in the command line, you run pip install CoDrone, and make sure you're using Python 3. Then just have a from CoDrone.codrone import * at the top of your .py file.

    Old functions are still available, but we will be slowly transitioning to the new functions in our tutorials, since they should be easier to read and explain for students. We are currently still writing the tutorials for using the new functions in both Arduino and Python, but be on the lookout for those later this summer.

    Apologies for the lack of documentation on the Python side! Hopefully our more ambitious users will be able to get running with what's provided while we write up the tutorials.

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