BUG: Firmware update not working on Chrome app

  • Hey folks! Just wanted to let everyone know we're aware of the firmware update bug. The Chrome app will pair, say it's updated the firmware, and then next time you re-open the app, it doesn't show it as the latest version, which should be 50.18. We're working on it as we speak! So thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • We've disabled the Chrome app's firmware update feature on the latest version (1.1.6 as of this post), since the bug seems to be a bit more persnickety than we anticipated. In the meantime, the most reliable way to update the CoDrone firmware would be to use our partner's "Petrone" app, which is available on Android and iOS.

    The latest CoDrone firmware version is 50.18, and it has an important zero-out feature that prevents variables from a previous flight sequence from carrying over to the next flight sequence after you've hit a killswitch. Namely, if you ran a pitch = 70, then hit a killswitch, the old version might have pitch = 70 again when you run the sequence again.

    You can see the tutorial for how to do that in 1H: Updating CoDrone at step #3.

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