RESOURCES: Here are a list of resources for educators

  • We often get questions about educator resources, so I wanted to share this here. We often share these with educators we speak with over the phone or e-mail. Hopefully you find this helpful!
    This is where our lessons are located for every product.

    CoDrone Arduino lessons
    Programming the CoDrone using Arduino text-based coding

    CoDrone Python lessons
    Programming the CoDrone using Python text-based coding

    CoDrone Blockly lessons
    Programming the CoDrone using Blockly block-based coding

    CoDrone curriculum

    Calibrating the CoDrone
    This is how you can re-calibrate the CoDrone, which we recommend doing any time the drone seems to be drifting a lot. It helps to set the drone's trim back to 0, and generally helps to make it hover with more stability.

    Educator Guide
    This goes over safety, maintenance, storage, classroom management, etc. This guide is geared specifically for classroom settings.

    Lesson Plans
    Here are a bunch of full lesson plans following the 5E format, which programming the CoDrone with block coding.

    You can post here for technical support, sharing ideas, and connecting with other users and educators.

    This is for more advanced users, who want to dig into the function definitions of the CoDrone library. We're still updating our tutorials to use these newer advanced functions, but you can certainly experiment with these.

    Storage Cases that we use
    We have these CoDrone storage cases that can hold 4 drones, assembled or disassembled.

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