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  • Hi, I'm a software engineer in mobile games industry. Now, I'm organising a fun day for my colleagues, all of them software engineers, and was thinking about mixing writing code with drones or robotics. Looking for that, I've reached to Robolink and CoDrone, but I have some doubts.

    How does exactly the battles of drones work? Are the CoDrone units fighting in an autonomous way? What do you exactly can make with code?

    Have you already done something like that, is there any event around that? It would be really helpful to know from previous experiences and have some guidance.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Great! Talk to you then.

  • @robolink_wes It's ok, I've already accepted the invite. BTW, I'm in CET.

  • Sure thing! How does Wednesday at 1 pm PST / (10 pm CEST?) work for you? Not sure if you're in Western or Central European time.

  • @robolink_wes it would be great if we can schedule some time, I'm a bit lost and all the help is much more than welcome. All days this week but today from 12pm to 2pm PDT would be ok (I'm in Spain, so it will be my evening).

  • Hello @rodgar! The battle feature is using the IR emitters on the front of the drone to fire IR light. At the moment, the library doesn't have functions for firing the IR lasers, and it's primarily for entertainment purposes using the mobile app. The Petrone app is our partner's app that is used just for flying.

    We do have other projects you can do though on There are examples of using the drone for Flappy Bird-based challenges, autonomous flight challenges, among others.

    If you'd like us to show you how to put the challenges together, we'd be happy to schedule some time!

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