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  • Hi, I'm Ali, mother to ozbot. We were just gifted the Rokit Smart set from ozbot's grandpa. We are having some difficulty getting started. (Mom is getting old!) We've been following the lessons for the Rokit Smart...but where are the instructions for really getting started, i.e., getting power to the board? In all the videos it's already hooked up, and we're on the step where we should install Arduino. Is this really the first step, or should I have power to the board already? Thanks, I'm old skool and used to a run-of-the-mill instruction manual.

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    Hi Ali:

    Basecamp lessons 1A-1G will help you with the onboarding for downloading software.

    Lessons 2 and up will go into a build for a project as well as some tutorials to help you get started with programming. Hope this helps!

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