Uploading code on MacBook Pro

  • I'm teaching a summer program using the Rokit kits and some of my students with MacBook Pros (with, I assume, Mac OSX) are unable to upload code, instead getting a message that the programmer is not responding.

    0_1531914053276_rokit error.jpg

    We've followed the instructions for installing Arduino, downloading the Rokit files, and installing the CP210x driver - which other students on Windows and different models of Mac have done successfully. We've also double checked that the boards are connected and in programming mode and the right board and port have been selected. None of these issues seem to be responsible for the error as far as I can tell.

    Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    @sstranahan I believe if your port is not able to supply the proper current(probably just from general wear from other usb devices) then they are using the hub to regulate the power coming into the board.

    If the hub does not work I definitely suggest reinstalling the USB driver.

    This post goes over how to do this: click here

  • Hi @robolink_carl, that appears to be the download page for the CP210x driver.

    I have looked at their support pages and this topic suggests a USB hub might resolve the issue. I don't entirely understand how or why, but I'll try it in one of my next classes and let you know.

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    Hi @sstranahan please use the contents found in this blog to resolve this issue. Should you have any questions please contact me.

  • This post is deleted!

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