Erratic CoDrone Pro Remote Behavior

  • I received my drone about 2 months ago and it was working fine until now. Instead of the usual LED
    converging pattern in flying mode, it stopped short of converging. My remote would also beep 2 times. I am not able to even connect to my drone, let alone fly it. I need help in figuring out what is wrong with my remote so I can fly my drone again.

  • @forthealiens Oh! Great to hear! We're slowly updating our tutorials to include the new pairing process for all of them, so I'm glad it was able to fix your issue.

    Once you've paired with pair(Nearest), now next time if you upload with just pair(), that remote will only pair with that CoDrone until you've re-uploaded with pair(Nearest).

  • You were right. As I had recently updated my library, the beeping meant it was trying to pair. I also tried it with the pair function and updated the Petrone firmware. Then, after doing all of this, my drone is back to normal. Thank you for all of your help!

  • #include <CoDrone.h> 
    void setup() 
      THROTTLE = 13;
    void loop() {
    byte bt1 = digitalRead(11);
    byte bt4 = digitalRead(14);
    byte bt8 = digitalRead(18);
    if( bt1 && !bt4 && !bt8)
    if(!bt1 && bt4 && !bt8)
    if(!bt1 && !bt4 && bt8)

    This is the code I was using.

  • We've made some updates to the pairing process, which are covered in tutorials 2B and 2C. Those changes do include having a beeping behavior as it tries to pair. So I'm wondering if this is related to the version of the library that you're running.

    Can you post a copy of the code you're running?

    Also, could you check which version of the CoDrone library you're using? You should be able to see it in the Library Manager. The latest is 2.0.0, and we included the chiming when it tries to pair in version 1.5.5

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