Codrone Not pairing after BLE Firmware update

  • Hi,

    We are at the end of day 4 of our Code Drone Camp and we have multiple drones no longer pairing even after receiving new BLE Boards and Updating firmware on all. Also some of our drones do not achieve any altitude above waist high.

    Please let me know if we can rectify before our camp gets started tomorrow at 1030am MST for the last day of camp.

    Thank you

  • By the way, @robolink_whoseop mentioned that v17 might actually be better to use, because the pairing algorithm may be a bit faster. So if you encounter issues with pairing time, update to v17 by selecting it from the dropdown.

  • Phew! Glad you were able to get the firmware working again!

  • Thank you for the link. I think we are good to go for the last day of camp today!

  • Here's the Firmware updater, that you'll need to install on a Windows machine.

    It'll be a tiny EXE file, and you may have to give approval, since it's not a registered application. It should look like this:
    0_1532650338065_Screenshot 2018-07-26 17.10.53.png

    For "File name," keep the version selected that's shown in the screenshot above. v17 has had a few weird issues, we've found recently.

    While holding the BLE board button, plug the BLE board into the computer. Make sure the light is blue, which means the board is in update mode.

    Next, hit SCAN, and the COM port should switch to the proper COM port that the BLE board is plugged into. The COM port number will vary depending on how many USB devices you've used/have plugged in, so don't worry if it doesn't match the image.

    Next, hit UPDATE, and you should see the loading bar fill up.

    Let me know if you have any issues with this!

  • We have windows. Thanks!

  • Hello @CodeninjasHR, we've been in correspondence via e-mail. I just checked out the video, and it seems like the firmware may have pooped out on you, which we've seen with a more recent batch of BLE boards.

    I'm going to get a set of instructions ready for you that should allow you to re-install the firmware, if you have access to a Windows machine. Let me know if getting to a Windows machine will be an issue.

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