Drone kit tour and overview

  • Hello Iā€™m Bernardo part of a non profit organization called Links to STEM were we have students form age groups 5th to 8th grade mentoring them on STEM fields subjects. I have spoke with Arnold Suarez for a opportunity to get a tour regarding the drone kit.

    We are very Interestes on the drone kit student package. I will like to be able to schedule a tour this upcoming Friday August 3 to get an overview of how does the drone operate and support regarding code and the build process.

    Feel free to reach out to me
    Cell 619 9483821

    Bernardo Valdez

  • Yup! See you then! šŸ‘

  • Yes 11 works great for me.
    Just to Confirm this Friday August 3 at 11 am at 5677 Oberlin Dr #100, San Diego, CA 92121 correct?


  • Actually, would 11 am work for you? That works better for us, since I have a 12:30 meeting. If not, we can keep it 30 mins šŸ˜„

  • Perfect that its great.
    Yes I believe snap will be ideal since they come form Lego Mind storm Coding background which is based on blocks.
    Well then looking forward to learn more about the Code drone.

    See you on Friday.

  • Great! Looking forward to seeing you.

    Yes, you can program the CoDrone in the Arduino environment using the remote.
    Arduino is based on C/C++. Those tutorials are covered here. We also use Snap, which is a way to program it with block coding. It's a good way to introduce kids to programming concepts without getting into full text-based coding. That's covered in these lessons. We're currently working on Python lessons, and shifting over to Blockly for the block coding side.

  • Thanks a lot will see you on Friday around 12 pm.
    Mainly interested on the Code drone and any activities to keep the kids engage.
    Form what I was able to see form the Code drone you guys use C to code the Drone. Is there another platform you guys use to make it more simple to the students?


    Bernardo Valdez

  • Sure thing! Our office will be open at 11 am this Friday, yes. You're welcome to come by. We're located at 5677 Oberlin Dr #100, San Diego, CA 92121.

    Is there any particular activity you're interested in? Or a particular skill you'd like to teach the students?

  • Hello Wes,
    Yes im in San Diego,
    And yes you are correct if given the oportunity will love to come by and check out the Co Drone and how it works.
    Will you guys have any time available this upcoming Friday around 11 am ?

    Bernardo Valdez

  • Hi @bernardo! Thanks for reaching out. @robolink_arnold isn't in this week, but I will try to check with him to get an update on the conversation you had. In the meantime, I see you have a San Diego number, so I'm guessing you're talking about an in-person tour of our office, correct? Did you want to stop by the office to check out the CoDrone, and get a quick walkthrough of how it works?

    If so, please let me know what time, and we can make sure to be available.

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