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  • Hi, my name is Sean and I am 23 years old and brand new to the electronics/computing world. I have always been interested in learning about robotics and programming and thought this kit looked like the perfect place to start on my path to becoming a mad scientist 🙂

    Now to my dilemma. I am on Step #4 of Lesson 01C and having trouble installing the CP210X Driver. I have my Smart Inventor board plugged into my computer and the first switch on and the LED flashing. I visited the link provided in the lesson to download the Driver and selected the Default VCP for Windows 7 (since I'm using Windows 7) and then idk. I extract the download into my documents and try to run the installer files but have trouble with the x86 version which prompts me to run a 64 bit version of DPInst.exe

    So, to conclude, I have no idea what the heck i'm doing. I don't see any little icon installer like in the video demonstration and just want to get started with having fun already.

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    The following is how to do the CP210x installation on a windows computer.
    Connect your USB cable to your computer and your Smart Inventor Board. Place DIP switch 1 in the “ON” position and press the black button. This will make the blue LED flash! Next, click here to download the CP210x driver for your operating system.
    Click on "CP210X VCP Drivers".
    Scroll down to the section that matches your operating system.(This will vary depending on which version of windows you are using, the link I attached above is for Windows 7)
    Click on “Download VCP (5.3 MB)”.
    Unzip the downloaded file, make sure your controller is connected to your computer, and then open or run the VCP Installation Driver.
    After installation, open the “Device Manager” and click on the Ports (COM& LPT) tab. Pay attention to the COM port number! It should match the COM port that is listed in the Arduino IDE’s Port tab, which is under Tools > Ports.

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