UPDATE: All Basecamp tutorials have been updated to use latest functions

  • Hi everyone! We're happy to announce that the CoDrone Basecamp lessons have now been updated to use the newest functions, which are documented at our documentation site. These functions should be much easier to use and more reliable, as they have a built-in 1-second delay between every movement, so it makes movements more distinct, and gives the drone time to stabilize between movements. They also all rely on the new pairing method previously mentioned here. Ultimately, we believe it will make things easier to use.

    Importantly, there's also there's a new calibrate() function, which should be useful for programmatically triggering calibration, which until now has been only triggerable by using the small button one the CoDrone's side. The button-based calibration process is covered here.

    All old functions from the old tutorials still work, so your old Sketch files will all still work. We are simply moving to the new functions here on out so that behavior is more reliable.

    Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like them!

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