Can't upload code.

  • H!

    Recently got my codrone (smartinventor V2) followed the install instructions (arduino 1.8.5) and installed the latest libraries. I have only tried to run the following code:

    *****#include <CoDrone.h>

    void setup() {

    void loop() {
    // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

    Using the latest 2.2 code library there is a missing ; (line 888 CoDrone_send.cpp) and invalid function declarations.

    Using older code libraries I continually get this error.

    avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0xcd

    I have spent the last hour trying different combinations of board files and library with no success.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • @GSCC Calendar invite sent, you should've received an e-mail. You can click the URL in the calendar invite to join the Google Hangouts link.

  • Hi @GSCC. You're saying noon and 1 pm California time? If so, yes we can do that. I can send you a calendar invite.

  • hmm might actually be easier if I just get up early.... shudder
    Sometime between 12 noon and 1 Tuesday for you?

  • @robolink_wes There was another error in the code as well. An invalid function declaration. I will copy it in when I get home.

    Sorry for all the cross posting. The default forum setting were messed up for me and I couldn't see any of my posts at first.

    I am in Australia. So that makes calls a little more difficult. Evenings (here) are good for me you have a discord or a skype / google that you can send me?

  • @GSCC We looked into the cpp file you mentioned, and indeed it's missing a semicolon.

    Thanks for pointing that out! It should be updated and live by tomorrow.

  • @GSCC It sounds like @robolink_whoseop suspects you may be selecting a different board from the board we have. In the menu, make sure you've selected Tools > Board: > "Rokit-SmartInventor-mega32_v2"

    Just wanted to double check with you to see if you've checked that step already.

    Either way, let me know if you're available to schedule a video tomorrow or Wednesday.

  • Hi @GSCC! Let me ping @robolink_whoseop to take a look at that library to see if he's getting that error as well. We recently reviewed them, so we aren't expecting there to be any errors in 2.2, but I'll have him take a look.

    Also, he should be able to let you know if there's anything wrong.

    Lastly, just to double check: have you selected the proper port when trying to upload? With Windows, you'll see something like "COM7" and in Mac you'll see something like "SLAB_USBtoUART". And have you set the remote into upload mode, with DIP switch 1 up, and the other 2 down?

    Let me know if any of that helps, and I'll make sure @robolink_whoseop takes a look.

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