Trim adjustment

  • Hello. I updated the firmware for a drone via the iPhone app and then performed the recalibration by popping out the battery, putting it back in, holding the reset button on the side of the body of the drone, waited for the light sequence, turned the drone right side up, placed it on the floor, it took off, but did not hover as expected. The drone continues to have a bias in drifting or rolling right. I also checked all the propellers for dust/hair by popping them off. The propellers look new. The bumper guard was seated properly and the motors seem to be fine.

    I tried uploading the sketch that allows you to adjust the trim while flying a drone, but this code would not upload due to a coding error and I am not sure how to fix it. Help, please.

    I suspect that unless a drone flies well using the controller manually, then it is not going to perform coded instructions reliably.

  • Hi @javiste, just got off the phone with you.

    It seems like the trim code you'd mentioned on the call came from an old page. I've unpublished that page, since it was using a function that we found wasn't working particularly well. The old Trim() functions were more confusing to explain than just simply running the recalibration.

    When we ran the recalibration on a dark black mat during the call, it didn't work well. This was likely because the black doesn't reflect the IR as much as another pattern. Seems like when we ran it on the plaid blanket, it performed significantly better. So just keep in mind to try to use a surface with a distinct pattern that isn't too dark.

    Lastly: you're correct! If the drone doesn't remote control well, then the coded sequences will also most likely not perform well. And the errors along the way in running a sequence would end up compounding.

    Hopefully that helps!

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