Snap not running on Chromebook

  • @robolink_wes

    Thanks for your speedy-fast response! I tried loading the App on several other types of chromebooks--they all had the same glitch. 😞

    I'm thinking that it may be a problem with the permissions on the back end of things, so I'm going to have my school district's IT department work on it.

    I only have Chromebooks in class for the students to use. No PCs or MACs. I'm super-pumped to get this going though. We have 15 codedrones to use in my middle school robotics class. It should be sweet chaos!

  • Hi @Dr-JelTech! I've seen this issue a few times before, where the Chrome app doesn't work on specific machines. You're just seeing a blank screen below the initial window, right?

    I would say try giving the native app a try instead, which is 1B for Mac, and 1C for Windows.

    Also, try installing the Chrome app on another computer to see if it works. Hopefully that works!

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