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  • I know! Every video and document I have read says to simply put the battery in and it should power up...but mine doesn't. Occasionally it will flash LED's for a second but then it completely blacks out. Yes, I charged the battery. I then tried to press the calibrate button hoping that would help. It didn't. I also made sure I was in a well lit room without sunlight. At this point, I think it might either be a faulty battery or a faulty drone. I just opened the box, took it out, and tried to run it. Is there anything I'm not doing or am doing wrong? I'm not trying to fly it yet. I never got that far. I just wanted it to power up.

  • Hi @MrsChristianHHS, we may need to replace your CoDrone. Just checking to see if you have time to do a call so we can diagnose.

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    Hello @MrsChristianHHS are you available for a video call today or this week? it sounds like your CoDrone has some major issue. Can you send us a video clip using google drive or youtube so we can log it, Thank you!

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