FPV temparature

  • I installed the FPV and found that it gets warm. Is this normal?

    I also was wondering how to remote control the drone when FPV is used. I tried to use a second mobile, but was not successful. Anybody experience with FPV module?

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    Hello @Richard you can use the CoDrone remote to fly it around while connected to the app to view the FPV stream. You can also use the Petrone app to do both fly and view. However, you need to connect over wifi to the FPV module and then go into the Petrone app and select FPV mode. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • @Richard It does get pretty warm, because the camera module uses more power than without the module. So flight time is closer to 3-5 minutes, depending on how aggressively you're flying.

    @robolink_arnold Can you take a look at this question regarding remote control with an FPV?

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