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    I'm wanting to have my students perform investigations with CoDrones in class where they need to continuously adjust, upload, and run code in class. The goal will be for students to have the drones fly autonomously - they will have the drone take off, fly to a certain area, and land. This requires a constant adjustment of the programs' Throttle, Yaw, Pitch, and Roll. As I've tried this before with a class of about 25, the trouble occurs when uploading code because remotes and drones seem to have problems reconnecting when there are SO MANY students trying to adjust the code by uploading and running programs AT THE SAME TIME. Is there a way students can adjust, upload, and run autonomous flight programs ALL AT THE SAME TIME with little to no connection issues? Thanks.

  • Hi @gregoryconely! Just curious, have you been using the "pair()" function (which is listed out here? You're able to enter something like CoDrone.pair("1234") so that it pairs only with a specific drone. That way, you don't have the remote trying to pair with the first drone it finds.

    Lesson 2B and 2C in the "CoDrone for Arduino" track cover how to use the pair function to lock in to specific drone.

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    Hi @gregoryconely !
    Sorry for the delay! We have recently updated our Basecamp lessons to program CoDrone with Python. It requires an installation of Jupyter Notebook which is an interface that allows you to write code and text together in one documentation. One advantage is that you can separate code into separate cell blocks. One cell can contain pair functions and run while adjusting and running code in another cell. It eliminates the need to repair or upload code and you can run new code instantaneously! Our Basecamp Lesson shows you how this works.

    Unfortunately, the Jupyter lessons are only set up for Python and you would not be able to use Arduino. I look forward to hearing from you if you decide to implement this in the classroom. Let me know if you need any help!

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