what kind of sensors has the codrone / possible to flight a parkour automatically ?

  • Hi,

    I'm a teacher. I wonder, if the codrone is suitable for my electronic class. I do not understand right now, what is possible with the drone.
    Is my class able to programm the drone in the way, that it flies automatically a parkour (without using the knobs of the remote controll)?
    Let us say: start - hold for a few seconds - turn right . flight straight ahead for 1 second and so on?
    Is there a sensor, which can detect obstacles?

    Best regards!

  • One more thing. You can see which sensor data the drone can access from our documentation page. The last section covers the sensor functions you can use to obtain sensor data.

  • Hi @alo_drone! You can definitely program the drone to fly an autonomous path, that's covered in many of our early lessons 😄 You can check out this one and this one.

    The drone doesn't have obstacle detection, unfortunately. We're currently working on seeing if we can get some computer vision lessons working using the camera module, which would be able to do some simple obstacle detection.

    Hopefully that helps!

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