unable to pair

  • Hi

    I have difficulties to pair the drone with my arduinoide, even already set the rokit smartinventor mega32_v2.

    I need to pair and teach the programming with drone for my student in current uni.

    this is the error msg i get!0_1538814993943_Capture.PNG

    please help me

    thank you

  • administrators

    @DrHidayu ,
    Sorry for the delayed response! Just checking in to see if you solved this problem. Did you make sure to include the header file #include <CoDrone.h> ? If you did, you probably do not have the latest version of the CoDrone library. Go to Sketch>>Include Libraries>>Manage Libraries. Search for CoDrone and make sure you update to the latest version. Close Arduino and then try your code again. This should solve the problem! 0_1547671962215_Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 12.52.18 PM.png

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