Questions regarding functionality of the CoDrone

  • Stumbled upon RoboLink's programmable CoDrone. I am currently in a research class for high school and I will be composing a research topic on creating a drone that can measure various heights around a specific area. These heights would then be computed and made into a topographical map (except in a miniature size). I was wondering whether or not I could do this type of programming with the CoDrone. Is it possible to have the drone measure heights based on specific distances? Help me out, Thanks!

  • Hi @JoeyC! Sorry for the delay in response. The IR height sensor or IR distance sensor on the bottom of the drone is effective up to about 2000 mm. So you could use that to measure the distance the drone is from the object right below it.

    You can use the height sensor with the get_height() function, which is documented here.

    It's a small drone meant for classroom use, so I wouldn't necessary recommend it for a larger scale topographical map. But if you wanted to make a small model terrain and measure heights of mountains and buildings, that would be doable 😄 That sounds like a great practice activity for a classroom.

    Hopefully that helps!

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