Codrone Pro with Python!

  • Hey there~ I'm one of the student who wants to program the Codrone with Python.
    However, there's not enough source for me to code so that it's hard work to do programming in Python for Codrone.
    Also, i'm wondering it's possible by using Google Speech API for controlling the drone by speech. If it's not possible, are there have any way to do that?

  • Oh! Thank you for your recommendation 🙂 Now i can try some more about it! If there's some more question, i will ask for your help more!

  • Hi there @Sae! You can find all the Python documentation at You can also go through our Python tutorials located here.

    Right now it uses PyCharm as your programming environment, but we are examining Jupyter as a possibility. PyCharm is an actual development environment that real programmers use for Python, so if you want to learn with PyCharm, it will be good for your learning. Otherwise, we're still trying out Jupyter.

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