AspireIT Program in Robotics - dcConnectGirls

  • Thanks to Robolink to sponsor drones for AspireIT program where I conducted DCHA dcConnectGirls program. Girls were inspired by coDrone and were able to program and fly these drones.

  • @Kirthi That's amazing to hear. I just saw the thread that you had with @robolink_hansol and @robolink_grace, and I'm glad we were able to help out.

    Please let us know how else we can support for the upcoming workshop 😄

    Also, I just read that you're a junior in high school. It's an inspiration to see you flexing your entrepreneurial muscle at such a young age already!

  • I must say the program went very smoothly.. no challenges were faced during the workshop. Everything went as planned because the Rokit and coDrones made STEM session easy as 1-2-3. Girls loved the coDrones and they were thrilled to see their coDrones fly. They were rewarded with coDrones, thanks to Robolink - Mr. Hong to sponsor few coDrones for the event! We will make it a Workshop session during our SheSoft 2018-19 Championship and Conference scheduled in June 2019. Girls from 5th through 8th Grade or home equivalent within the USA and US Territories can participate in SheSoft championship and attend the conference. More details on

    I must also thank NCWIT/AspireIT and DCHA/dcConnectGirls to sponsor and allow me to be the program leader.

  • Hi @kirthi! That's awesome to hear! I'd love to hear more about how the event went. What challenges were provided, what did the girls enjoy, what did they struggle with, what lessons did they learn?

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