CoDrone wont hover properly

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    I recently have bought a codrone. I am just testing it out using the controller and one difficulty i have been having is that the codrone will not hover. It keeps on bouncing to the ground even after i checked and clean all propellers. But if the codrone does hover then another thing i have noticed is that i have to push my controller's right stick forward and to the right quite a bit to make sure the codrone stays in place. I am thinking that these are calibration issues and I tried clicking on the link that would help me solve this problem but the site is dead. I think that the trim function can help solve my problems but the information about this function is very vague. Please help.

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  • @aaditpanchal Also, take a look at the lesson here:

    It covers how to do the calibration. You want to power on the CoDrone, hold it upside down, press and hold the button for about 5 seconds or until the arms blink a bright white, then place the CoDrone on the ground so it will take off to run a calibration. You may need to give it room to run the calibration as it drifts and hopefully stabilizes.

    Give it a shot, and hopefully that helps!

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    Hi @aaditpanchal !
    There are a few reasons that your drone might be bouncing on the floor. If the room is dark or the floor is too reflective, the optical flow sensor cannot see patterns in the floor. If you think you need to adjust the trim, try downloading the Petrone app and use it to pair to your CoDrone. In the settings you will find an option to set the trim.
    Let me know if this works!

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