• Hi,

    I gave this kit as a present to my friend's son, Edwin. He is 9 yrs. old. He loves this kit and really enjoying to build
    models. Recently, the remote control stopped working.. His father Edwin Sr. called the office. Someone responded and told Edwin Sr.that someone will call back. He called again but no response..

    Today I called and talked to Mr.Han sol Hong. He suggested that I should sign in to
    He also promised me that someone will follow up in this matter within 2 days.

    I would appreciate if you can help us in this matter. BTW. Edwin did replaced new battery..
    Your help in this matter will help Edwin Jr. to enjoy this kit.

    I am giving Edwin Sr. email address and Edwin Sr. cell phone no. Your help in this regard is appreciated.
    Edwin Sr. 408 849 8807. Email address:

    Vinod Mehta, 4085919217

  • @vinodmehta I just updated your settings so you also get e-mails when we respond to you. But hopefully @robolink_carl's instructions are helpful!

  • Global Moderator

    @vinodmehta the remote only works with associated programs.
    -You must also ensure that the remote is on a Channel corresponding to the robot's frequency.

    Please refer to the following:
    Click Here

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