bypass code to use joystick

  • hello, new to Codrone, feeling my way through the lessons. I've had some success with writing a few basic codes, but want to still be able to fly with just the joystick. Trouble is, the drone only seems to be doing the last uploaded code instructions. how do I get the drone to ignore the uploaded code and allow me to fly with remote controls?

  • Thanks for the quick response. Sounds like an easy fix...I'll take a look!


  • Hi @HowardMMS! As @robolink_leila said, you just need to re-upload the remote control code.

    You can also just pull up the remote code in Arduino by going to File > Examples > CoDrone > Controller > FlightController. Hopefully that helps!

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    Welcome to CoDrone @HowardMMS !
    If you have not gotten there yet, we have a Basecamp Lesson that goes over all of the code for using remote control. After you go through this lesson, upload the code and pair as usual. Anytime you want to fly your CoDrone with the remote you will need to upload this flight controller code. Let me know if you have any trouble! 🙂

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