Choosing a Drone that can be remotely controlled by a PC in python via Wifi or bluetooth

  • Hi,

    I want to start a project using python to control a Drone.
    for example play a bit with object recognition using the drone video camera.

    I am studying the hardware and since the budget is limited I was wonder if codrone Lite/Pro has the following features:

    • Programmable in Python (Through a PC or Raspbeery Pie integration)
    • Could get sensor values in real time.
    • Using a Pc remotely control a drone using python via Wifi or bluetooth
    • Video Camera
    • GPS (Optional)

    best regards,

  • administrators

    Hi @Joao-H ,
    Hopefully the following can answer your questions:

    • We have recently published introductory lessons for using Python on a PC with CoDrone on Basecamp. You will need to install Python and Jupyter Notebook (or any other IDE of your choice)
    • You can gather sensor data using the following documentation
    • For a remote control program you will need to install additional libraries. I recommend either pygame or opencv-python which have functions for keyboard input
    • You can purchase an FPV Camera Add-on to access video feed via Wifi. I can send you a sample program in Python later if you need it.
    • There is no GPS functionality but you can roughly estimate position from the origin using the optical flow sensor data

    We are working on publishing lessons for a remote control program but for now this should point you in the right direction!

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