Codrone Lite - Snap app not accessible to my students

  • In my class, I have loaded Snap for Robolink on each windows laptop and when I am logged in, the app is accessible. However, when my students login, they do not have access to the Snap app to pair and fly their Codrone Lite drones? Is there any way to give them access without loading the app again with each of them logged in? Thanks.

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    Hi @JeffHunt ,
    I've never heard of this issue before. I tried recreating the scenario but when I logged out of one account and logged into another I was still able to have access to Snap. It seems like maybe there are some privacy settings that are preventing your students from accessing the app, either on your end or theirs. I will have to do some more research but in the meantime may I see a screenshot or video of the problem?

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