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  • Hi,

    I have some enquiry about codrone. I am impress with codrone and would like to ask the following

    1. is codrone pro able to be integrated with IR sensors so that the drone can be collision avoidance?

    2. is there any projects that has be done with codrone with autonomous routing or programmed routing?

    3. current battery time Is 8 mins. Will there be possibilities of upgrade of hardware so that the battery time will last long so that it can be used in industry for drone inspection?

    4. I understand that codrone pro comes with adruino . What are other possibilities can be done with it besides additional joystick. Other possibities like adding detention like lot sensors etc.


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    @lisaloomh ,
    Thanks for your questions!
    CoDrone is equipped with an accelerometer, barometer, optical flow sensor, and more. It can be programmed to fly autonomously or with remote control. However, the front IR transmitter and receiver on the CoDrone can only send and receive messages and will not detect obstacles. For autonomous flight, you can program a flight pattern in our Snap! block program, Arduino, or Python. There is an optical flow sensor onboard that you can use to estimate position and displacement from the origin. As for the battery, flight time is limited to keep the drone small and lightweight. If you want to upgrade, we currently do not offer support for adding extra sensors but here are some links that may be helpful on the technical specifications:

    • This lesson briefly goes over all of the components and assembling CoDrone Pro
    • For technical specifications on the SmartInventor Board and Bluetooth communication, check this documentation site
    • Here is a function guide with code examples for requesting sensor data

    • If the above links did not answer any your questions you may refer to ByRobot's documentation

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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