So about the CoDrone

  • Our Robotics team and I are looking for a drone to participate in the ECER (European Conference of Educational Robotics) 2019 Areal contest and are currently looking for a drone to use at the Contest.
    Your Product was one of the most interesting with only two big flaws that could make us buy another drone.
    One thing we need almost a 100% is a working camera. We probably are able to program functions for it ourselves but there needs to be a connection between the camera and the robot.
    The other thing is that it would be useful to have is a way to add components (I have already seen a post that it is possible at the own risk of the user but we might need more).
    So if there is any new Information about the two "problems" mentioned above we would greatly appreciate you contacting us.

    best regards Fridolin Ulbel

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    @fulbel ,
    Thanks for looking at CoDrone! As for adding components, you may have a hard time adding many more. Keep in mind that any added mass will affect flight. We also do not offer any support for adding any new sensors and you would need to consult ByRobot's documentation. A camera, however, can be added on. You can purchase the FPV Camera Add-On for CoDrone separately and write a Python program to access the video. If you are still interested let me know and I can send you further instructions for accessing the camera feed.

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