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  • I hope you are having a good morning. My frustration continues.

    I have done and redone the lessons of 1B, 1D, 1F, and 1G.

    I never get the RoboLink to connect to the drone. I have a flashing red LED on the RoboLink and a flashing green LED on the drone. I have connected to a different USB port, pulled the drone battery, pressed the reset button on the RoboLink. Nope, Nada, Not happening.

    Any ideas?

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    @rcase35 ,
    I would double check that you installed the driver properly for your operating system. It seems like your computer does not recognize the device. In the past some users needed to install it twice for it to work. Also make sure the UART cable is disconnected from the SmartInventor board if you have a CoDrone Pro. If you still experience problems, you might have an incompatible USB cable. Did you switch it out by any chance with another one? If you are still experiencing issues please set up a support call here 🙂

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