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    We got the Rokit Smart for our son for Christmas and started with the line follower. We turned it on and the LEDs kept flashing through the sequence of programs. We reset the board which worked, however were not successful with getting the robot to follow our lines.
    We decided to try the mouse robot. Once built we switched on the board and had the same issue of flashing LEDs. The boards was rest again and our mouse robot was successful. However when we came back to the robot the next day and switched it on we had flashing LEDs again. Only this time resetting the board hasn’t solved the problem (which surely we shouldn’t have to do every time anyway ). I have also adjusted the IR sensitivity which didn’t help.
    Please help

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    @vj753 Hi, I think from the video it shows that the IR sensors are detecting lighting on the left resulting in your issue.

    I'll continue with the response through your email.

  • @robolink_carl
    I am unable to load a video I get an error message stating that I do not have enough priviledges. there isn't mush to show on the video as once we have switched the board on we are unable to do anything else. The LEDs just contunue to flash through the sequence of programmes.

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    @vj753 Can you post a video of you operating the robot?

  • @robolink_carl

    with the line follower we did adjust the potentiometer.

    We have tried turning on in all different rooms with varying light including in the dark. Each time the LEDs flash.

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    You might need to adjust the settings on your potentiometer for the line follower to work.

    Please see the following:

    If the LEDs flash immediately it might be detecting the ambient lighting in the space you are using. We use IR sensors to cycle through programs, as a result you are getting the IR sensors detecting ambient light thinking you are cycling through programs on the board.

    You can't change the sensitivity of the IR sensors along the topside of the board, only the bottom ones. I suggest moving away from natural sunlight or any strong impacting uv light.

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