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  • Hello, I am a newbie with the CoDrone, just received it last week and have many questions. I would like to know if there are schematics for the ROBOLINK (BLE) board and the Smart Inventor V2+ board? Is the micro controller on the the Smart board the same as the micro controller found on the Arduino board? I'm assuming the micro controller is on the Smart board and not the RoboLink board. Next, if the micro controller is on the Smart board is it being programmed if I connect the USB cable to the BLE board? I notice that on the BLE board is a marking near the white connector 5V, RX, TX, GND so there must be some link to the Smart board, how does this work? What is the communication protocol? Is that a UART? I would like to learn what the chips do on the BLE board.

    Curious wannabe engineer,


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    @Dorothy306 ,
    All of the schematics are not accessible and we do not offer support for the communication protocol, but I can send you some links and hopefully point you in the right direction.

    • Arduino uses ATmega 328 and our board uses ATmega32. The SmartInventor board was made to be Arduino compatible.
    • You can program CoDrone with just the BLE board using Snap! or Python.
    • ByRobot documentation for communication protocol
    • SmartInventor Board pinmap

    Thanks for your questions!

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