What are the differences between the movement commands?

  • Hi. It seems like there are two ways to make the CoDrone move. The first way is to use set and move commands, eg:
    CoDrone.setPitch(50); //set the pitch to 50%
    CoDrone.move(2); //execute the movement for 2 seconds

    The second is to use the inbuilt variables and the control command, eg:
    THROTTLE = 40; //set the throttle to 40%
    YAW = 60; //set the yaw to 60%
    CoDrone.Control(); //send the commands to the drone
    delay(2000); //give it 2 seconds to perform the maneuvers

    What's the difference, if any, between these two methods? Are there any situations where one method is preferred over the other?


  • administrators

    @mlobegeiger2 ,

    The second way is an older version from a previous release of our CoDrone library. If you are using the most recent CoDrone library, use the first way 🙂
    Documentation can be found here!

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