How to define 2 serial ports or the zig connector?

  • We are developing a new controller by using an Arduino and a PC to make fly the CoDrone. We try to connect the smart board by opening a serial port from the PC. However, the Serial is used by the CoDrone although the codrone.h lib allows to use the Serial1, we coudn't connect. The smart inventor always says that "it wasn't decelerate". It's important to have both serial in a different pins. (We try to force from the codrone.h too and CoDrone.Send_LinkModeBroadcast(LinkModeMute); it is not possible due to use the same serial )

    We saw the bluetooth connector that looks like another serial, but we didn't find anything that explains us how to initiate and use it. Is it connector another serial? How could we use it? Also, how to use the zig connector?

    How could we use both serial (Serial and Serial1)?

    Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

    Thank you so much

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    Hi @Raquel ,
    Unforunately I do not have much information on the hardware but it may help to look at the documentation directly from Byrobot. Hope this helps

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