Codrone Lite not pairing

  • I have one drone paired to laptop (Windows using Blockly), but the second drone is not pairing. The bluetooth shows that it is paired. However, when I click "Pair" it does nothing (the image shown does not appear). With the previous drone, I received the image in the bottom left corner to show both drone and board are paired.0_1557169641471_1167aef5-c14a-4e40-9b7f-b70b73c50fff-image.png

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    @pytluvsu ,
    Are you using a different laptop by any chance? The pairing will not work unless the minimum requirements are met for your computer and Chrome browser. If you have CoDrone Pro, you can try pairing with the Bluetooth Board and Arduino to test the connection. Recharge your batteries and try one more time, then let me know how it goes!

  • Can anyone help me? I have the most up to date version of firmware!

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