Controller and Drone do not pair

  • hello Robolink Support,

    got my drone this past Christmas.
    at least two of us have taken apart and put together the drone three times.
    but all we see is :

    a) on drone : green light blinking , which is expected because its trying to pair
    b) on controller : red light blinking on bluetooth board , and another solid red light very close to the switch that at the top of the controller.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • administrators

    @kb ,
    Were you trying to upload any specific code? CoDrone Pro ships with the default flight controller code installed. To run this code, follow the steps in this lesson on how to use the remote. If you were trying to upload your own code and it's not pairing, make sure you have the correct code to communicate with your drone which can be found here. You can also attach a screenshot of your code and it will help me see the issue. 🙂

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