One propeller is late to start when code is activated

  • I am on day two of using CoDrone's classroom kits. I have three that when code is activated, one propeller takes a few seconds to engage; which pretty much makes the drone unusable. Any tips? The blade is not broken--its just late getting the data.

  • Good morning, mrsdann. There can be a number of reasons why the motor is not functioning properly. As RBass noted, there may be some debris that is obstructing the motor. Further troubleshooting methods are outlined in this video here. Let me know if this helps!

  • My students had this happen. At low power one of the 4 would not turn, but at high power it would, but only after the other three were already spinning, so it couldn't lift off without crashing to one side. The problem motor did not spin as freely with power off. We thought the motor was damaged. But after removing the motor and then the propeller, and making sure it was clean (no hair wrapped around the spindle, etc...), and then putting it back together, it worked fine again. I don't know if some dirt got in there that wiggled back out, or they removed a hair, or what, but after doing this, the motor was fine and has been fine ever since.

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