I'm Reggie from Manila, & I have newbie problems...

    1. I can fly my Co-Drone for the most part, but

    2. I can't calibrate it, despite watching & imitating the calibration videos (2) several times. Does it matter if the remote is on or off? Any other solution?

    3. The hard landing & soft landing infrared sensors don't work either, despite trying to calibrate it with the potentiometer through the whole range of maximum & minimum sensitivities. Any other solution?

    4. Does the Co-Drone try to pair again with a remote after every power off & power on cycle? I noticed the green rear light blinking again whenever the unit is powered off. How are multiple drones easily paired for use in the same area?

    Help! I can take videos if necessary, but where can I post them?



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    @reggiehg Please send the calibration videos to leila@robolink.com. For the calibration, the remote should be off. If you are still having trouble you can go ahead and check if the button is damaged or missing by carefully removing the top half of the chassis. If you do this, remove the motors and guards first. Could you also send me the file for the IR sensor code that isn't working?

    For pairing multiple drones, pair one at a time using CoDrone.pair(Nearest). Label each CoDrone/controller pair with either a number, sticker, or color so that you know which are paired. The next time you want to connect, grab the same CoDrone/controller pair and make sure to use CoDrone.pair() with no parameters. This will ensure the controller only pairs to the drone it most recently paired to.

  • Oops, I wasn't able to email the videos because apparently I don't have the right privileges. Is there anyway for me to upload the videos? (Actually I sent them via email already.)

    Also, you didn't answer my question about whether the remote should be off when calibration? Even if that doesn't matter, for a newbie, removing that uncertainty helps a lot.

    Regarding the switch, can I check it by removing the top half of the chassis? How can I do that?



  • Thanks for the reply, Leila!

    1. Did you see the videos I uploaded? Yes, I always reset the battery before trying to recalibrate. Could you check if the expected light sequence shows up? If not, then there's something wrong with the switch? Worst case, can I run a program to calibrate the drone? Sorry, I haven't checked the programming options yet, as I wanted to make sure I got the basics down pat.

    2. I'm using the built-in code. Yes, I was careful in adjusting the potentiometers. Again, worst case, can I run a basic OTS program to test the infra red sensors?

    3. I was just wondering how the drones & remotes in the same area know which exact device to pair up with when there are multiple pairing requests going on?

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    @reggiehg ,

    Even for me, the calibration took a bit of practice! If you attempted a calibration and want to try again, you will need to remove the battery and put it back in to reset it. Attempting multiple calibrations without removing the battery will not work.

    Second, which code are you running for testing the Infrared sensors? Remember that this code should always be in the loop() or else the code will not be consistently checking. When adjusting the potentiometer remember not to try to spin it all the way around (360 degrees) because it will damage it.

    For your final question, every time CoDrone is powered off you will need to repair. If the green light is blinking that means it is not paired and searching for a remote! We have had up to 10 drones connected at once successfully for an event but would advise going above 10 because you may have connectivity issues.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • @reggiehg hmmm I tried uploading my videos here, but I get the message that I don't have the privileges?

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