Connectivity Issues

  • Would a team member be able to contact me about connectivity issues? I'm having an issue connecting the board to the computer.

  • administrators

    Hi @BMT14 ,
    Normally we recommend switching over to our new platform, Blockly, but since you are using desktop computers you will need to use Snap for summer camp. If your computer cannot detect the drone, double check the following:

    • CP210x driver is installed
    • Bluetooth board is connected via USB to computer without CoDrone Pro remote and LED is blinking red
    • CoDrone is on with a full battery and back LED is blinking green.

    More detailed instructions can be found on our Basecamp lesson. If you are still having issues, let me know and we can schedule a call to figure out an alternative.

  • Adding more detail...
    I am hosting a summer camp and students are unable to 'connect to the nearest drone' from their computer work station. We are currently using Windows, desktops, and Snap! programming. We have tried connecting one drone/workstation at a time but problem still continues.


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