Uploaded Code stops Main Controller from Turning On.

  • I am currently trying to get the Soccer version of the robot to work by uploading the Arduino code while having the 1 switch turned on. I then unplugged the cable, turned the 1 switch off & tried switching the robot on, only to get a single flash of the blue light on the right side, with then nothing after. I have factory reset the board with success & only to fail when I upload the Soccer code.
    I have ensured the motor cables are plugged in correct and such as well.


    This is a sharable file link to a video of the issue at hand.

    Thank you

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    HI @OldManSpock I apologize for the delay. Please note that the soccer robot requires the use of a remote control. Right off the bat, it won't really do anything unless it gets inputs from the remote.

    Can you also send me the code you are using?

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