"go()" function not responding

  • Hello,

    I am trying to use the "drone.go(direction, duration)" as follows "drone.go(Direction.FORWARD, 2)" and it is not working. Jupyter Notebook tells me that "name 'direction' is not found", so my drone is not going forward. I have already tried "drone.go(FORWARD, 2)" and it gives me a similar error, only this time it says "name 'FORWARD' not found". I am assuming this has to do with the library of CoDrone since I do not think I am misspelling it, feel free to correct me though. Can you please help me?

    Thank you

  • administrators

    @raulromero Awesome! The lesson has been updated.

  • This fixed the issue. Thank you so much.

  • administrators

    @raulromero ,
    Sorry about that! There's a missing line of code that did not make it into the lesson. We're working on that right now! Please add the following line of code, in addition to what you already have, to use direction:

    from CoDrone import Direction

    Let me know if this fixes the issue!

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