zumidashboard.ai is parked

  • I had just read a post with this issue but can't find it now (I do find a deleted post).

    I just ran into this also. It happens when the machine you're using to connect has its Wi-Fi connected to the Zumi, but also has a wired connection with internet access. That ends up being the priority connection, and it redirects to www.zumidashboard.ai, and you get a “Parkingcrew” notification.

  • administrators

    @JetForMe ,
    This is an unknown issue which I have forwarded to the team. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention!

  • This also happens if you refresh the zumidashboard.ai page after you have disconnected from Zumi.
    I had it happen when I rebooted and the last page I was on from my browser was the dashboard.
    I thought maybe Robolink owned the domain name, but looking again, I do see the "parkingcrew"

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