Flight time with camera?

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    Customer Question: I am trying to buy a programmable drone with a camera to use with my students. I am trying to find out how high your CoDrone flies with a camera? Obviously, I am trying to buy a programmable drone that can fly high enough and long enough to record meaningful footage to excite my students into coding and drones/robotics.

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    Yes the CoDrone with the FPV module will fly around 5 minutes. This is because of the extra weight and power consumption of the FPV module. Make sure to remove the plastic guards in order to put on the camera. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    @arnold_robolink should be able to answer this more accurately, but it should be around 4-5 minutes. Our recommendation would be to keep the drone indoors, because of the drone's size and weight—it's not great at wind resistance. So what we've found is that generally within the height of an indoor ceiling should be realistic. Unless it's a particularly high ceiling like in a large auditorium or a gymnasium, height shouldn't be an issue. Within 50 ft should be doable. That said, the footage from above of an indoor space may not be as epic as footage of a drone that can reliably handle outdoor flight. Hopefully that's helpful!

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